Garden Designer - Worcestershire, Warwickshire, The Midlands and The Cotswolds
Designs for small gardens, front garden designs, garden patio designs and garden renovations.
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If you are interested in employing a garden designer how does it work?

What happens when you commission me?
When you call me in to look at your garden this initial meeting is FREE of charge. 

Once I have received a written confirmation that you wish to commission me, I will return to the garden and carry out a site survey and take the measurements.

From these I can produce a base plan of the plot and start the design process.  This is usually a pencil sketch design which the client can agree before a masterplan is produced.

It may be that you don't feel you need a full design and are just looking for some advice about how to improve your garden. It is possible to engage me on a CONSULTATION basis to come in a look at your garden and advise you.

What should you budget for a new garden?
A new garden is a considerable cost on an par with installing a new kitchen or redesigning your house.  The garden should be considered as an investment and will add value to your property.  A well designed and maintained garden makes a property more saleable.

It is reasonable to expect to pay between 5%-10% the value of your property on a new garden. (Obviously this is a guide amount and will depend on the properties location and size of garden relative to the house)

Therefore, it is a good idea to commission a garden designer who will help you to realise the type of garden you want and save you making costly mistakes.


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Trained in Fine Art at The University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa.  Designer  of metal giftware for the retail trade for 15 years.

HNC in Garden Design - Pershore Horticlutural College

Royal Horticultural Society Advanced  Certificate
Soil Science and Plant Propagation.
Plant Physiology, Taxonomy and Anatomy, Plant Health. 
Design of Ornamental Gardens, Plant Establishment and Maintenance, Ornamental Landscape Construction.
Practical Horticulture and Propagation, Plant Identification and Soil Science




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