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Fully trained in Fine Art, Garden Design and Royal Horticultural Society Advanced Certificate.
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Our New Garden

After living with our back garden for some 15 years, my wife and I came to the conclusion that it had become terribly old and tired looking. The question was what could we do about it, and how do we do it !!!
Luckily a relative had recently had their back garden landscaped, and recommended the same person who did theirs. This is how we met Cathy " The Gardensmith ". She came and looked at our garden, took measurements, and soil samples and with an idea of our requirements went away to redesign the garden from scratch.
She came back with Iain " Pollard Horticulture ", and a plan for a new layout. Once we had agreed the plan and made any necessary changes, a planned date for starting was agreed and we set about getting the area cleared for action.
When the day came Iain and 3 of his staff turned up and started preparing for the turf and all the new plants and trees that were coming.  The next day Cathy came as well, along with all the plants and trees.   It was exciting to see the garden taking shape in front of our eyes. By that night all the planting was done, and two days later a new lawn also appeared. By the end of the fifth day all the work was done, and our job of watering them all began.
It has now been two months since this all happened, and we now look out on our new garden and it seems as if it has always been there.
We would like to thank Cathy and Iain for all the work they did, help they gave us and the professional way they went about their business.
We would recommend them to anybody.
Yours gratefully,
David and Sylvia Taylor.

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Garden in Stratford upon Avon

Cathy provided an artist impression watercolour painting for a house we were building. It was a superb representation of the house and was extremely useful in giving potential buyers a good impression of the finished building during the construction process. Cathy also provided an imaginative but highly practical garden design for a long but very narrow town garden. She is extremely talented and provides an excellent service.

Tony Brandon, Stratford upon Avon


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