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Are you looking for someone to 'design my garden'?
The Gardensmith specializes in all forms of garden design including designs for small gardens, front garden designs and contemporary garden designs.  Call for your FREE garden design initial visit.
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5 Shannon Way   Evesham   Worcestershire  WR11 3FF  UK  ph: 01386 761 751 mb: 07967 291 301

Garden and Design Garden and Design Garden and Design Garden and Design

The Gardensmith is a professional garden design company working in Worcestershire, Warwickshire, The Cotswolds and The West Midlands.  As well as domestic and commercial garden designs, The Gardensmith also undertakes designs for schools and playing fields.  If you are a school looking to have your school field redeveloped to give more play potential, please contact us to find out more.  The Gardensmith works with a Local Authority Approved contractor with experience in installing school play areas. 

The Gardensmith's Designer, Cathryn Smith, is fully trained in garden design and horticulture at Pershore Horticultural College, having studied an HNC in Garden Design and the Royal Horticultural Society Advanced Certificate.  She also is trained in Fine Art at the University of the Witswatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The Gardensmith works in association with local experienced contractors and landscapers who have a track record of quality work.

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Cathryn Smith also is an artist trained in Fine Art at Wits University, South Africa

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Garden Design Lectures

History of Garden Design and Design Principles.

 Garden Design Styles and Colour Theory.

 Plant use in Garden Design.

Hard landscaping and Garden Features.

Surveying your garden and basic plan graphics.

 Focal Points in the Garden and
Influential Modern British Garden Designers.

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